The Aim Of The Program

It is to train specialists who are ready to undertake effective duties and responsibilities in the management of organizations that direct society and business life by providing modern business knowledge and management skills to those who have completed their higher education in a branch other than Business.

To equip with theoretical and practical knowledge on the basic disciplines of business management; to provide businesses with a holistic understanding of all functions; to develop the communication skills of candidates as well as to gain the concepts of theory, application, diagnosis and decision making; With the awareness of being a leader and team member, to gain the qualifications that they can undertake managerial duties and responsibilities in the business world during planning, organization, execution and control stages.

The Total Number of Credits Required to Obtain a Master's Degree in Business Administration Thesis Program and Compulsory and Elective Courses to be Taken

To graduate from the Master's Program in Business Administration with a Thesis;

For students admitted to the master's program to qualify for the diploma, it is compulsory to fulfill the requirements of Istanbul Rumeli University Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulations.