Frequently Asked Questions

What are Graduate Student Affairs Office Hours?

Weekdays: 09.00-18.00

What is the Contact Information of Graduate Student Affairs Office?

Haliç Campus Student Affairs Office Tel: 0212 866 01 01-0119.

How can I request a Student Certificate and Transcript?

You can request it from Student Affairs at Haliç Campus.

Can Someone Else Take My Documents For Me?

Your documents can only be obtained by a person you are acting as a proxy.

When and Where Can I Get My Temporary Graduation Certificate?

First of all, your graduation decision is announced by the Institute and "Temporary Graduation Certificate" is prepared within 5 days upon the request of the student after the graduation date.

Can Someone Replace My Diploma and Temporary Graduation Certificate in My Place?

Your diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate can be obtained by a person you are acting for attorney.

How Can I Change My Information?(Address / Phone etc.) 

You can update your information by contacting the graduate student affairs office. Your phone numbers and e-mail addresses must be updated so that academics and administrative staff can reach you in important cases.

How to Apply for Registration?

You can apply to the graduate student affairs office with a petition for registration. Your registration cancellation petition is submitted to the Institute Board of Directors for approval, and the positive or negative result is informed to you by the Institute Student Affairs.

The student requesting cancellation must fulfill their financial obligations. Otherwise, deletion is not performed.

What are the application requirements for graduate programs?

In order to apply for Master's programs, it is necessary to be a graduate of an undergraduate program and to get 55 points or higher from ALES related score type (required for Master's programs with Thesis). You do not need to declare a language test result document in Master's programs (YDS etc.).

How can I apply to graduate programs?

For master's programs, you must fill the online application form on our university website. After making your online application, you must send your documents to the Institute for the necessary examinations.

Can I apply to more than one department?

You have to fill in a new online application form and submit documents for each department.

What are the documents I need to bring?

T. C. Filling Istanbul Rumeli University Graduate Application Form

Identity Card Copy

Undergraduate diploma or temporary graduation certificate (Notarized or original)

Undergraduate transcript (Notarized or original)

4 color passport size photographs (4,5 x 6 cm.)

Military status document (For male candidates)

ALES exam result document (Required for Master's programs with thesis.)

Certificate of Residence (E-Government)

How will I be informed of the interview dates? Do I need to make an appointment? Application Evaluation Criteria

Although the interview dates are announced on our website, the interview days and hours determined by our Institute Directorate and made separately for each program are notified to the candidate students by phone. The candidates are taken to the interviews according to their order of arrival at the determined days and hours.

How long is the education period in Master programs?

Duration Number of Courses Credit

4 semesters with Master's Thesis (2 years)

3 semesters (1.5 years) without thesis

What days and times are the lessons held?

Although the course days of Master's programs vary according to each program, the courses to be held on weekdays according to our general template are held between the hours of 18:30 and 21:30 on weekends and between 09:00 and 18:00 on Saturday-Sunday.

What is the course passing system in graduate programs?

Each semester average of the courses taken in Master's programs must be at least CB (65 points). In graduate programs, debtor passing, bell curve, etc. there is no system.

What is my right to absenteeism? Do I have the right to freeze registration in graduate programs?

Absenteeism depends on the course and the lecturer of the related course, but 70% attendance is required.

If the student applies within thirty days at the latest from the beginning of the academic year for justified and valid reasons, by the decision of the relevant board of directors, it is frozen for two semesters, one semester in master's programs, and one semester in thesis programs. is on leave.

Students who request to freeze registration must fulfill their financial obligations. Otherwise, recording freezing is not performed.

When and how is the thesis / project done?

1st Semester      2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester
30 ECTS  30 ECTS  Seminar Course or Thesis Study Thesis Defense

1stSemester  2nd Semester 3rd Semester
30 ECTS 30 ECTS + Project Work (Students who want to graduate at the end of 2nd Semester) Project work

How is military service carried out in master's programs?
In postgraduate programs, the Postponement of Military Service is carried out only upon the written request of the student. Unless the student requests, no correspondence with the Military Branches is made by the Institute. To postpone;
The student is not in a position to submit to
Having a current military status document,
He must apply to the Institute Directorate with a petition.
Istanbul Rumeli University Graduate Education and Exam Regulation